From October 2012, starting with the largest companies, it became law for every employer to automatically enrol workers into a workplace pension scheme, and contribute to it on their behalf if they:

  1. Are aged between 22 and State Pension Age
  2. Earn more than £10000 a year (2014/15)
  3. Work in the UK
  4. Are not already a member of a qualifying pension scheme

To be a qualifying scheme minimum contributions must be made or it must provide a minimum rate at which benefits will build up. The scheme must also not impose barriers to joining the scheme, such as probationary periods or age limits for employees and also not impose barriers to joining the pension scheme, such as probationary periods or age limits for members. The scheme must not require employees to make an active choice to join or take any other action prior to joining.

With Automatic Enrolment now introduced employers will need to do the following:

  1. Nominate a point of contact
  2. Know your staging date and develop a plan
  3. Assess your workforce
  4. Review your pension arrangements
  5. Communicate changes to your employees
  6. Automatically enrol your eligible job holders
  7. Register with the Pensions Regulator and keep records
  8. Contribute to your workers’ pension

Automatic Enrolment – Useful Links for your Guidance

To find out your staging date www.tpr.gov.uk/employers/tools/staging-date.aspx

7 steps to prepare for automatic enrolment www.tpr.gov.uk/employers/7-steps.aspx

Detailed guides for Employers www.tpr.gov.uk/pensions-reform/detailed-guidance.aspx

What information do employers need to provide to their workers? www.tpr.gov.uk/docs/pensions-reform-resource-information-to-workers.pdf

Letter Templates for employers www.tpr.gov.uk/employers/letter-templates-for-employers.aspx

Information about Registration and employer checklist www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/registration.aspx

The Pensions Regulator can be contacted for all advice and help at www.tpr.gov.uk/contact-us.aspx